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KOI CASTLE, established since 1997, started as a hobbyist in 12 years  ago, Jani Lauw as a fully owned of Koi Castle considered that his hobby has to be taken care seriously and encouraging by some other koi hobbyist, then he started to carefully select Japanese Top Breeders as Principal Partners.

Currently Koi Castle has been trusted to be the Authorized Dealer’s of MOMOTARO KOI FARMSAKAI KOI FARM in Indonesia, and they have supported Koi Castle with their top quality Koi fishes to fulfill the demand of Indonesian Koi Lovers.

In addition to that, in order to cater the demand for best quality of Koi Food, Koi Castle had also been appointed as FD FOOD SOLE AGENT IN INDONESIA, furthermore FD FOOD is also being used by MOMOTARO KOI FARM, therefore we believe that our commitment to be more focus in Kois could be reflected.

Feel free to call Koi Castle to discuss and find out of “DREAM KOIS” from top Japanese Breeders available  in our kois’ collection, and enjoy your exploration at our website.



  • Contact Person

    Jani Lauw

  • Alamat

    Puri Indah K10 No.3 Jl. Puri Kembang Barat, Jakarta Barat

  • Nama Kota/Kab.

    Jakarta Barat

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